in the Montgrí Natural Park

In the middle of the Costa Brava, the Natural Park contains a great variety of environments and an extraordinary biodiversity of the waters that surround this archipelago, becoming a unique place and one of the most emblematic of the Mediterranean.
The surfaced part is made up of seven islands: the Medellot, the Illa de la Meda Gran, the Meda Petita, the Ferrenelles, the Tascó Gros, the Tascó Petit and the Carall Bernat.

The protection of the islands was approved in 1983 with an Order of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and it was in 1985 when the regulations for mandatory compliance with the prohibited zone were established. In 1990 it was when it became a legal framework for the protection and conservation of the fauna and flora of the seabed of the Medes Islands and part of the coast of Montgrí, between Roca del Molinet and Punta Salines.

in the Medes Islands

The Medes Islands is a marine reserve considered one of the main diving sites in the world for its biodiversity and different types of diving. Fish, coral, gorgonians, caves, landscapes... Can you imagine?
With La Sirena you will enjoy the wonders of this very special seabed in a different and safe way.

We guide our clients from the first day they start, throughout the training process up to the highest possible levels of recreational diving.

Over the years we have created a family that meets again every season to enjoy the sea while learing essential values such as friendship, fun, adventure and respect for the environment... If you feel that way too this is your activity!

Do you know the Medes Islands
and all it's biodiversity?

The Medes Islands make up one of the most unique and emblematic places in the Mediterranean. Located approximately one mile from the town of Estartit, in the middle of the Costa Brava, the seven islands that make up the protected area are: Medallot, Meda Gran, Meda Petita, Ferrenelles, Tascó Gros, Tascó Petit and Carall Bernat.

Dive spots


First, you’ll need to stop by our office with:

  • Your diving license
  • Your medical certificate or fill in one of our medical forms stating that you are fit to dive.
  • Your diving insurance (or purchase one with us):
    • Day 6 €
    • Week 16 €
    • Month 25 €
    • Year 40 €
  • Whether you have you own gear or rental gear, you can load it onto one of our trucks outside the centre located at “Passeig Marítim 2”.
  • We will take it down to the boat for you. Bottles and weights will also be available at the boat.
  • We rent out:

    • Regulators
    • Wetsuits
    • Buoyancy compensation devices (BCD)
    • Boots and fins
    • Masks
    • Gloves
    • Flashlight and computer (with prior reservation)

The boats have plenty of space for you to get changed comfortably before and after your dive.


Each seat on the boat has room for your bags and belongings, and you can leave your box of gear under the bench.

You must be at least level one to dive on the Medes Islands marine reserve. It is not mandatory for advanced divers with over 50 dives to go with a guide, although we would always recommend one so that you can dive safely and get more information about the sealife you encounter.

In order to offer our divers the most comfortable experience, our boats are equiped with:

  • Elevators
  • Warm showers to rinse off with fresh water
  • Room to get changed and leave dry clothes

Our two biggest boats also have:

  • Toilets
  • Top floor
  • Glass bottom
  • We use 12 or 15 litre steel bottles.
  • The bottles are compatible with both DIN and international systems.
  • Bottles of Nitrox are available upon request.

This dive is an introduction to the Natural Park. Not only does it allow us to reinforce AWARENESS amongst our divers before they Access the Medes Islands marine reserve, it also allows us to check your dive skills so that you can dive SAFELY and with a group that has the same level as you. 

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